API Documentation

Getting Started

Before using the API, you need to do a few things:

  1. Create a User Account (or Login)
  2. Request an API Key
  3. Know how to make use of a RESTful API

Once you've done those, ensure that all of your API Calls contain the following in their header:

Api-Key: [API-KEY]

(where [API-KEY] is your API Key, e.g., Api-Key: csIKSDiGEIuIFLzO5HdX96fX7RQSDCIzSagf6pXbZpI=)


Search Characters

GET /api/characters?q=[query]


Search Query (optional)

Example Response

    name: "Alice", 
    id: "7b2f4636-0d21-e611-80ba-001ec9e44883" 
    name: "Boba Fett", 
    id: "3f77de6b-2c12-e611-80ba-001ec9e44883" 

Retrieve Character

GET /api/characters/id


The Character's Id (e.g., 7b2f4636-0d21-e611-80ba-001ec9e44883 or NkYveyENEeaAugAeyeRIgw)

Example Response

  name: "Alice", 
  id: "7b2f4636-0d21-e611-80ba-001ec9e44883",
  tagline: "In Wonderland",
  description: "**Alice** is the protagonist of Lewis Carrol' children novels *Alice's Adventures in Wonderland* and *Through the Looking-Glass*",
  appearances: [
      id: "c3c62630-933c-e611-80ba-001ec9e44883", 
      title: "Alice in Wonderland", 
      format: "Novel", 
      workYear: 1951, 
      performerId: "ca607855-b77a-e611-80ba-001ec9e448833", 
      performerName: "Beaumont, Kathyrn"
      role: "Voice", 
  pictures: ["http://img.whatcharacter.com/img/34faf901-e437-e611-80ba-001ec9e44883.png?crop=188,4,359,175&width=150&height=150&scale=both"],
  aliases: [],
  dob: null,
  nationality: [
    {id: "6bdddcac-dbdf-e511-80ba-001ec9e44883", name: "England"}
  relationships: [
    {type: "Parents", values: [
      {id: "900cc41c-802e-e611-80ba-001ec9e44883", name: "Liddell, Lorina", order: 2}

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