Robert Stanton Baum (1886 - 1958)

Robert Stanton Baum
Birth Date
Friday, February 12, 1886 A.D.
Date of Death
Monday, April 21, 1958 A.D.

**Robert Stanton Baum** is the second son of [L. Frank Baum](/Character/d/mzpv7NZvEeWAugAeyeRIgw/l-frank-baum) and [Maud Gage Baum](/Character/d/4MiictzTEeWAugAeyeRIgw/maud-gage-baum). Stanton is the maiden name of L. Frank Baum's mother, [Cynthia Ann Baum](/Character/d/divjatzTEeWAugAeyeRIgw/cynthia-ann-baum). In his adult years, he was an officer in the Corps of Engineers.
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