Pon was the deposed prince of Jinxland, son of King Phearse. When the prime minister, Krewl, took the throne, Pon was relegated to gardener.

He fell in love with Princess Gloria, and she reciprocated his affection. However, Krewl had other designs for this princess, betrothing her instead to a wealthy courtier named Googly-Goo.

In an effort to separate the lovers, Krewl hired a witch named Blinkie to put a curse upon the princess, freezing her heart. The witch succeeded, rendering the heart of the princess without love, not for Pon, nor for anybody else.

Fortunately, the Scarecrow was able to reverse the enchantment, enabling them to love one another again. He helped depose the false king Krewl, letting Gloria rule instead as the Queen of Jinxland. She took Pon to be her royal consort, and the two ruled their kingdom side-by-side.