Catwings (1988)


Publication Date


Catwings is a 1988 children's novel by Ursula K. Le Guin. It was illustrated by S. D. Schindler. It tells the story of four cat siblings, inexplicably born with wings, and their search for a home.


An alley cat named Miss Jane Tabby gives birth to a litter of cats with wings. Raising them as well as she can, considering their aberrant appendages, she protects them from the harms and ills of the city.

When the cats are of a suitable age, she sends them off to seek their own way in life while she takes up engagement with another cat named Tom Jones.

The four siblings, Thelma, Harrier, Roger, and James, make their way into the country, where they at first revel in the abundance of woodland creatures. However, after James gets injured by an owl, they soon rethink their new home.

Eventually, a girl named Susan Brown and her brother, Hank, come across the cats. Taken by their peculiarity, they soon adopt them, giving them a home in theirs.


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