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Hamlet was the prince of Denmark.

After his father died of mysterious circumstances, followed shortly by his mother, the Queen, marrying his uncle, Hamlet's sanity begins to decline.

After seeing his father as a ghost, Hamlet begins to investigate his father's supposed murder at the hands of his uncle. In his pursuits, he inadvertently kills the father of Ophelia, his betrothed. This sends her into a downward spiral which results in her alleged suicide.

After being briefly exiled to England, evading an assassination attempt, he returns to Elsinore. Ophelia's brother attempts to exact vengeance upon Hamlet using a poison-tipped sword. However, Hamlet takes control of the blade during their melee, inflicting an equal dose upon his foe.

During the spectacle, Hamlet's mother inadvertently drinks poison intended for her son. Hamlet, still alive but mortally wounded, exacts one last bit of vengeance upon his uncle before dying himself.


Hamlet (c.1602)
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Play / en / EN
Hamlet (1954)
Hamlet (1974)
Playwright: Tom Stoppard
Play / en / US
Fortinbras (1991)
Playwright: Lee Blessing
Play / en / US
Hamlet (1996)
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Branagh (1960) Film / en / UK
Author: Lisa Fiedler
Novel / en / US


Hamlet (c.1602)
Hamlet (c.1602)


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