Jacob Silvia
Friday, January 26, 2018

Sooooooo, it's a little bit past Boxing Day.

But we now have a working beta available. You may see it here: beta.whatcharacter.com.

Not everything has been migrated over, but the beta has core functionality. If you discover an error, please send us a link to the page in question.

We put a lot of effort into making the site look great and new, and hope that we can complete the migration in a month or so (so we can make sure everything works like it should). Once that's done, we'll resume our rolling out of new features.

Why did this take so long?

You might be asking that question. The main reason is because it was, essentially, a complete re-write. The only commonality between the current codebase and the beta is the underlying database. Beyond that, it's using a newer version of the front end and back end frameworks.

Because of that, we were able to take advantage of some neat new features, but the downside was we needed to rewrite the neat old features.

In the end, we hope to have a wonderful product that is useful, but also presents the information in an aesthetic (but not too distracting) layout.

Thanks for reading!