Core Values

At WhatCharacter, our core values are:

  • Openness - We strive to be open in our business practices.
  • Innovation - Any problem can be solved with the appropriate level of innovation (and the determination to see it through).
  • Accuracy - We want our site to reflect the most accurate information.
  • Freedom - Without the appropriate levels of freedom, this site could not exist. It's pretty important to us.
  • Books - I think we all can agree: books are great!

Our Passion

Books are our passion. They have plenty of character(s).

We strive to be the de facto place for finding information about your favorite literary characters. We aim to present a catalog of literary characters (for some definition of literary) and related elements, such as their appearances across different media and how different characters are related to one another.

We also want to use the data we gather to provide a more "holistic" look into literature. We hope to find interesting things by analyzing their unexpected connections.


WhatCharacter started as a way to track the interconnections of different literary (and film) characters. It was originally intended to be an analog system involving a repurposed card catalog system, but, like many of the things we do, grew in complexity until making it a website made far more sense.

33,326 characters, and counting...
(That's 7.62km of index cards, top to bottom)