Jacob Silvia
Monday, October 31, 2016

It's the end of October, a day many celebrate as Halloween. As per the tradition of the day, we've decided to give some treats (and hopefully few tricks).

So, here's a summary of what we've added this month (next month will be much quieter, as we'll all be working on NaNoWriMo).

  1. You can now see past Characters/People/Works of the day. Click the calendar icon next to the label on the home page to see this in action.

  2. We restructured our "Popularity" metric (as seen on Top 10 Characters) to take media type into account. Basically, it weighs the relevance of that character in relation to the format of the works in which they appear (e.g., it would take a character a full season of television appearances to equal a fil appearance).

  3. People can now have more than one nationality. Go figure.

  4. Character appearances are now grouped by character. So if a character appears multiple times in a single work (useful for visual media in which a character has an "old" and "young" incarnation), all those appearances will be grouped. This is like how contributions have been working.

  5. People can now be assigned a role for a country (e.g., President of a country).

  6. As well, several bug fixes. Huzzah.

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