Butch Bowers
Legal Name
Oscar Bowers
Date of Death
August 1958 A.D.
Death Location


Oscar "Butch" Bowers was the abusive father of Henry Bowers.

He raised his son in an environment of racism and fear, rewarding Henry for aggressive acts against the Hanlons, a local black family. Butch himself would also antagonize the Hanlons, killing their chickens and defacing their property with Nazi symbols. It is only when Will Hanlon threaten his life with a rifle that he stops.

Being not only an abusive father, but also an abusive spouse, he also beat his wife, who left him in 1956.

After a gradual declination in Henry's mental state, both in part due to Butch's abuse, and also due to IT's influence over him, he eventually kills his father, a crime Henry was later found guilty of having committed.



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