Marisol Guzmán


Marisol Guzmán is a failed playwright-turned-pre-med student who makes ends meet by acting as a maid for the wealthy and ever-absent Burton Henstridge.

After a strange fungus destroys all life but her, thanks to Henstridge's well equipped panic room, Guzmán, having survived the aftermath of the apocalypse by eating gourmet frozen foods and binge-watching The Facts of Life, comes across a strange bottle among the wreckage of society. Within the bottle is former theater critic-cum-wish-facilitator Richard Wolf, who offers her three wishes, which she manages to finagle into four.

Through a series of careful non-question interrogations of Wolf (as questions count as wishes, as do theatrical critiques), she manages to determine that past wishers have wished to undo past apocalypses. Wishing to not repeat this cycle, she gives careful consideration to her wishes all while finishing her latest play.

She presents her wishes to Wolf, who in turn grants them, returning life to the Earth. Guzmán is reunited with her friend, Julia, pleased to see her alive once more.