Nirvanah Crane
Date of Birth


Nirvanah Crane (b. 2482; d. early 2500s) worked as a technician on Titan. She had an extremely high IQ, and her work took her to Pluto. However, she, as well as everybody else on the planet, died in the early 2500s during a test on diminishing nuclear fallout which resulted in the entire planet being destroyed.

Having such a high IQ, she was brought back as a hologram, and served as First Officer aboard the Enlightenment. When the crew of the Enlightenment encountered the crew of the Red Dwarf, she quickly fell in love with Arnold Rimmer, though she profusely denied it.

When Rimmer opted to join the crew, he had to best an existing crewmember. Unbeknownst to him, this happened to be Crane. After a mixture of Rimmer using a temporary cerebral patch and Crane's feelings for him, he was able to overcome the challenge. However, when it was revealed to him that he had replaced Crane, Rimmer opted for resignation, so that Crane could resume her old post.