Tin Woodman
Legal Name
Niccolo "Nick" Chopper
Tin Man


The Tim Woodman (born Niccolo "Nick" Chopper) was a Munchkin woodsman who befell a series of accidents involving an enchanted axe. One by one, his limbs were hewn from his body, each to be replaced by a tin replacement. In the end, he was left with an entirely tin body, but entirely without a heart, and as such, fell out of love with Nimmie Amee. When Dorothy came to Oz and rescued him from a stationary life, due to his joints rusting, he joined her on a quest to seek out the Wizard of Oz, in hopes that he could get a new heart.

After receiving his new heart from the Wizard, he assumed the title of the Emperor of the Winkies to replace the departed Wicked Witch of the West. Some time later, he sought out Nimmie, only to find that she had fallen in love with a new suitor comprised of his and another man's discarded parts.