Nimmie Amee
Tin Woodman's sweetheart


Nimmie Amee is a denizen of Munchin Land. At one time, she was the object of Nick Chopper's affection, a condition that was quickly assuaged by the old woman under whom she served, with the assistance of the Wicked Witch of the East and an enchanted axe, breaking (quite literally) Chopper's heart in the process.

Though Chopper, in his new tin body, had lost his affection for Nimmie, she did not lose affection for him. Soon, her feeling were supplanted by a Munchkin soldier named Captain Fyter, who too met a similar fate as Chopper, and too fell out of affection with Nimmie with the loss of his heart.

The two men, broken to pieces over their respective plights, were soon reassembled into a single entity, Chopfyt, who, complete with a prosthetic tin arm, reminded Nimmie of her former suitors. The two were married, and are believed to have lived happily ever after.