Author: March (2005)
Nick Cave (1957)
Author: And the Ass Saw the Angel (1989)
Jack Charles (1943)
Chief in Pan (2015)
Director: The Last Witness (1999)
Sara Douglass (1957-2011)
Author: Battleaxe (1995)
Miles Franklin (1879-1954)
Author: My Brilliant Career (1901)
Catherine Gaskin (1929-2009)
Author: Sara Dane (1955)
Author: Moses the Lawgiver (1975)
J. E. Macdonnell (1917-2002)
Author: The Invisibles (1970)
John Marsden (1950)
Author: So Much to Tell You (1987)
Colleen McCullough (1937-2015)
Author: The Thorn Birds (1977)


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Battleaxe (1995)
Novel en AU
Black Beauty (1978)
Director: Daniel Haller
Film en AU
Black Beauty (1987)
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Film en AU
Film en AU
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Hamlet (1974)
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